Martijn Fraaij


Raised in England, I began in 1986 as a salon assistant at Boys Salon on the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam, and finished after three years as Stylist. During this period, I achieved with Vidal Sassoon in London my diplomas in Ladies Styling, Mens Styling & Shaving and Coloring. I completed this period with the advanced academy for hairstylists.
After working at several major hairdressing salons in the Netherlands, and an adventure as a top stylist and salon manager on an international cruise ship, I opened up my first salon on the Looiersgracht in Amsterdam Jordaan. Here I worked with much pleasure until 2016. After selling this salon, I opened up my new salon on the Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 10 in Amsterdam in January 2016. There I work with a team of independent hair specialists.

Fraaij Haar is not your regular hair salon, but a platform for independent and experienced hairdressers, hair stylists, colour specialists and hairweave specialists under the inspirational guidance of Martijn Fraaij. Each member adds knowledge and his or her own expertise to the platform, so that every customer of every age gets the most optimal service and treatment possible.

We work with several organic hair product producers like O-Way.