Flex space


Fraaij Haar is not your regular hair salon, but a platform for independent and experienced hairdressers, hair stylists, colour specialists and hairweave specialists under the inspirational guidance of Martijn Fraaij. Each member adds knowledge and his or her own expertise to the platform, so that every customer of every age gets the most optimal service and treatment possible.

In our salon, we work with a basic team, consisting of top stylists Martijn Fraaij and Annebel. Besides that, we are always on the look-out for freelance talent – albeit a hair stylist, colour specialist or hairweave specialist – on a flexible basis, from 1 hour per week to a couple of days a week.
Are you a hair stylist in residence, then you can also rent a chair by the hour or for just a few days, so that you can offer your clients your expertise in the most optimal way and surroundings – working with our facilities and products.

Need more information or want to apply? Call, whatsapp or mail.